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©2018 by One By One - Political Action Committee

We are a PAC committed to promoting the election of progressive candidates to political office. One By One, we can shift the balance to a government that consistently promotes all rights for all people. 

What is

a PAC?

Individual state and federal election laws set limits on the amount a person can contribute to a political candidate.  A political action committee (PAC) is an organization registered with the United States government designed to pool individual's money together to create a larger contribution to a candidate.  PACs are required to collect information from contributors and report regularly to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  PACs usually self-fund their operating costs through a portion of member contributions.  There are limits set by the FEC as to how much a PAC can contribute to a candidate during each election cycle.

One By One was conceived as a place where people could feel they were always doing something in today's challenging political climate, even if they don't feel they have a particular skill set to contribute to a given task, or time in a month to actively engage. By pooling our dollars, we are all still putting our contributions toward the larger goal.  



Voter registration time takes an average of two minutes or less.