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©2018 by One By One - Political Action Committee

About Us

We are a PAC committed to promoting the election of progressive candidates to political office. One By One, we can shift the balance to a government that consistently promotes all rights for all people. 

Following the 2016 elections, many of us felt motivated to invest in our political process but weren't sure how to begin, or thought the amount of time or money we could give wouldn't make a difference. Alone, it can seem overwhelming. Together, we will pool our resources to make a positive change.

One By One functions as a collaborative effort among its members. Conceived as a place to make a monthly commitment to contribute, with the idea that every month there is comfort in knowing an affirmative effort was made toward making change. Whether you give once, monthly, or when you can, every person who raises their voice through joining One By One will have the opportunity to determine which candidates receive the money we pool. 


One By One, we can change our country for the better by helping elect candidates who share our ideals and are answerable to our voice.