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We urge you to commit to a monthly contribution.  One By One was conceived in January 2017 after Trump's initial "Muslim Ban," when one of our founders spent the weekend at Dulles airport providing legal assistance.  After hearing the frustration of many people expressing the wish they could do something affirmative, our founders realized this was a unique situation where a specific skill set was available but there would be others where they would join in that feeling of helplessness.  Or months where there would be a common sense of stagnation and a sense of waiting for the next proverbial shoe to drop.  


We wanted a place where people could feel they were always doing something, even if they didn't have a particular skill set to contribute to a given task, or time that month to do more, they still put in their contribution toward the larger goal. 


Terrifying, however, was learning that through gerrymandering, the process of shaping electoral districts to benefit the consistent re-election of an incumbent to ensure a political party stays in power, the Republican party shifted the make up of state legislatures and governorships to the point where they could force a Constitutional Convention.  The Republican party controls both legislative chambers in 33 states, and in 25 of those states, also hold the governor's office.  Thirty-four states can trigger a Constitutional Convention. Republican control at the state level also allowed the proliferation of racist, misogynistic and homophobic legislation we have seen introduced and in some cases, sadly passed, in recent years.  


One By One uses ActBlue to process all contributions.  FEC law requires us to collect certain information including employer.