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What Is a PAC?

Individual state and federal election laws set limits on the amount a person can contribute to a political candidate.  A political action committee (PAC) is an organization registered with the United States government designed to pool individual's money together to create a larger contribution to a candidate.  PACs are required to collect information from contributors and report regularly to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  PACs usually self-fund their operating costs through a portion of member contributions.  There are limits set by the FEC as to how much a PAC can contribute to a candidate during each election cycle. 

A PAC registered with the FEC can contribute to some states without also being registered in that state as long as that contribution is reported to that state's election monitoring body.  However most states require a PAC to be registered in that state in order for a PAC to contribute to local elections. 

A Super PAC can make contributions of an unlimited amount during an election cycle but cannot give money directly to a campaign or political party so usually funds are primarily used for the purpose of providing advertising.  One By One is not now nor does it ever intend to register as a Super PAC.